The Guest Experience Masterclass

Create breakthrough experiences your guests will love


Date Friday 26th October 2018
Time 8:30pm – 5:00pm
Location Colac Performing Arts Centre
  $495 – Single Person, includes one ticket to Conference (Thursday 25th October) & Masterclass (Friday 26th October)*
  $900 – Business Ticket for 2 people from the same business, includes entry to the Conference (Thursday 25th October) and Masterclass (Friday 26th October)
Tickets Limited Tickets Available

Online tickets close 5:00pm, Wednesday 24th October 2018 unless sold out prior
*The Guest Experience Masterclass – single, ticket cannot be transferred to another person for the separate days
** The Guest Experience Masterclass, Business Ticket – 2 people must be from the same business
*** Full refund will be available for notification in writing prior to 5:00pm Monday 15th October 2018. Notification after 5:00pm Monday 15th October 2018 – no refund will be issued. No refunds will be offered for bus tickets.

Create breakthrough experiences your guests will love

Learn the skills, tools, language and process to:

● Create scalable and repeatable results with a Guest Experience Map™
● Sketch out your existing experiences and ideate new offerings
● Develop a clear understanding of your guest segments, what they love and what they hate
● Assess your value proposition and business model against competition and achieve breakthrough differentiation
● Reduce the risk of failure through systematic prototyping and testing
● Play to your strengths and design peak moments for maximum impact
● Brainstorm new ideas for your experience with concepts, prompts, and constraints
● Create a shared language amongst your team
● Turn fluffy discussions into a clear direction

In this full-day hands-on workshop, you’ll master powerful tools to fuel growth, create a competitive advantage or reinvent your travel experience.

Some of the tools you’ll master:

The Guest Experience Map™ (GEM)

A tool to predictably attract the perfect guests, design remarkable experiences and earn lifetime fans

You’ll learn how to create experiences your guests will love in three units of your business; the BEFORE unit, which gets people to the point of booking; the DURING unit, which provides breakthrough experiences and opportunities for incremental revenue generation; and the AFTER unit, which focuses on developing relationships to increase repeat bookings and referrals.

You’ll create your own GEM to help you

Position yourself as ‘the mayor’
When you set out to dominate a market, it completely changes your approach to things. When you dominate a single target market or niche, we call this being ‘the mayor’. By being the best for your niche, you become the clear and obvious option for your ideal guests both online and off and your BEFORE unit becomes exponentially more effective.

Build vending machines, not pokie machines
Does your marketing feel like a pokie machine, where you put money in, pull the lever and hope for something good to come out at the other end? We’ll discuss how we can use powerful ‘vending machines’ like Facebook and Google to predictably compel your ideal guest, at a known cost.

Design peak moments your guests will love and want to brag about
Great experiences hinge on peak moments. Your guests are willing to forget a lot of average, a lot of mediocrity, as long as there are some moments that are are truly special to them. Not every pothole can be fixed in every experience, but peaks can be designed that leave your guests with remarkable moments.

Orchestrate referrals, especially through social media
Your AFTER unit could be the least expensive part of your marketing mix, because you know that, on some level, if you provide a great experience, it’s a sure thing that some of your guests are going to be repeat or referrals. Most of the time that’s just happening in an un-orchestrated way. In other words, it’s just happening accidentally. We’ll map out how we can make your guests look good through their social profiles and turn them into your biggest advocates.

We’ll unpack how world-class experiences in travel have created breakthrough business results and how you can apply the GEM Profit Activators to your own experience.

The Value Proposition Canvas & Business Model Canvas by Strategyzer®

A global standard used by millions of people in companies of all sizes. You’ll use the canvases to describe, design, challenge, and pivot your value proposition and business model.

What’s the business model?

Most people have a hard time describing business models due to the lack of shared language. You’ll learn how to map your model using the global standard Business Model Canvas. Once complete, you’ll have a one page map of exactly how you create and capture value.

Can you clearly explain your idea?

You’ll learn how to distill your idea into a one-page visual map called The Value Proposition Canvas. You’ll have a clear picture of how you intend to create value for your guests and how to move forward.

Why would guests care about your experience?

Believe it or not, building something nobody wants is the number one cause of death for businesses. You’ll learn how to critically assess how your experience creates true value for guests. You may be shocked during this phase by how many gaps you find in your value proposition!

How do you stack up?

Even if your idea connects well with guests, the competitive market could crush it. We’ll learn how to assess the competition and decide where to compete or differentiate.

What jobs are your guest trying to get done?

We’ll use the ‘Jobs to be done’ concept to turn your guest’s needs into sought-after experiences. By thinking many steps ahead of the booking phase and many steps after checkout you’ll unlock opportunities to create value for your guests along their entire journey.

What should you change and how?

You’ll learn how to evolve your experience by using quick and inexpensive prototyping techniques that will allow to validate and test your concepts inexpensively.

Are you setting yourself up for a costly failure?

Until you’ve taken steps to identify the unknowns and reduce uncertainty – you very well could be. You’ll learn how to find hidden assumptions that could kill your idea.

By mastering these tools you will produce evidence rather than gambling on guesses. You’ll better understand what will work, what won’t, and how to proceed with confidence.

In this masterclass you’ll work through exercises with your business and industry colleagues and get feedback on your prototypes, share resources and forge long-term connections.

You’ll also receive:

– Blank canvases and instructions – Checklists and toolkits – Presentation handouts – Access to 2 follow up group calls, 2 weeks and 4 weeks after the masterclass

This masterclass will give you the tools and mindsets that can be taken back and applied to your own business straightaway.

Book now. Space is limited.

Jesse Desjardins, fWnation

Jesse Desdarjins

Jesse Desjardins Entrepreneur & advisor

Jesse is the creator of the Guest Experience Map and is a leading advisor to the global travel industry. As head of fwNATION, Jesse leads a consultancy that develops communities, strategies and products for travel brands. During his seven-year tenure as the Global Manager, Social & Content at Tourism Australia, Jesse and his team spoke to millions daily via Tourism Australia’s digital platforms and created strategies that made Australia the leading destination on social. Named as one of Skift’s most influential people in travel, Jesse has accumulated several industry accolades including 3 Cannes Lions and has collaborated with leading brands and innovators in the business including Facebook, GoPro, DJI, Buzzfeed and City of Sydney. Jesse has shared his knowledge at various conferences around the world and holds an MBA with a focus in Creative Leadership.