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What is ATDW & why do I need to be on it?


ATDW stands for Australian Tourism Data Warehouse and it is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information.

An ATDW listing gives you valuable exposure to reach more visitors at different stages of their holiday from planning through to when they are in destination. 

Through ATDW you can create a listing for your business, adding your own description and photos. Your listing on ATDW will pull through to two of our consumer websites:

and our most relevant destination website: 

How do I create my listing in ATDW?



STEP 1. Visit

STEP 2. Complete the form, filling out all your business details (ABN is optional, you can register without this if you prefer). Just a note – complete the phone number with your region code and no spaces. Once this is done, hit “Register Now”.

STEP 3. Next, complete the Personal Information form. And yes, you can have multiple users per listing (additional users can be added in the Accounts tab in the Dashboard)

STEP 4. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions if you are happy with them, click “Let’s Go” and now you’re ready to set up your listing

STEP 5. Select the Listing Type that fits best with your business. This is important as the next steps will differ depending on what type you select. Not sure which one to choose? That’s OK, have a look through the ATDW Listing Guidelines for a description of each Listing Type.

STEP 6. Once that is done, complete all the fields to create your listing and then hit “Send for Review”. Just to note, the mandatory fiends are marked in the orange navigation panel.

Next, you will be asked for a payment.


STEP 7. You would have received a coupon code from us in an email. Enter your code here and click “Verify”. Can’t find your code? Just get in touch with Natalie at or 0422 158 855.

STEP 8. Review all your details, making sure everything is correct, then click “Submit”



Your listing will take 2-5 business days to review before it goes live and then syncs to our websites.

Handy Tips


Have your descriptions and photos ready to go to make the process a bit quicker.

Photos must be landscape and quite large (minimum 2050 x 1600 px). If you need help resizing, Pixlr is a great online free tool.

Make sure to keep your listing on ATDW fresh and update it when anything changes or you have new photos.




Is there a cost involved?

You can partner with us and be listed on ATDW for just $295 for 12 months. Your business will then be listed on and one of our destination sites listed at the top of this page.

Can I change my photos or description after it's been submitted?

Yes! We definitely recommend you keep your listing fresh, so if anything changes, or you just have some new photos you want to use, you can make these changes by logging into ATDW Online.

If I change any of my listing details in ATDW, will they update in and the destination website?

Yes. Our listings sync daily, so any changes you make in ATDW will be live on and the destination website by the next day.

I haven't got the right sized photos, what do I do?

There is a free online tool called Pixlr that is easy to use and can resize and crop your photos.
If you still need some help, get in touch with ATDW and they can assist in resizing these for you.

Is there a cost involved?

You can partner with us and be listed on ATDW for just $295 for 12 months. Your business will then be listed on and one of our destination sites listed at the top of this page.

How do I list an event in ATDW?

Events listed on the ATDW are published directly to / and the related destination website.

Listing your event on the ATDW is free and takes under 10 minutes. Before you get started, have at the ready:

  • A description of your event (up to 200 words)
  • Images of your event. At least one image (maximum of 10). Images need to be minimum 2100 pixels (W) by 1600 pixels (H) and no larger than 10MB.

It is recommended searching for your event on before creating a listing, as your event may have already been listed.

Search here >



STEP 1. Go to

STEP 2.To create your new account, click the Register Now button. If you already have an account, Login with your username (email address) and password and skip to Step 7 of these instructions.

STEP 3. Select Tourism Operator as your Account Type and click Continue at the bottom of screen.

STEP 4. Complete the Organisation Information template with all relevant fields (ABN is not mandatory). NB: Ensure you enter your Organisation Phone Number with relevant Region Code and no spacing. This information should reflect the address and contact information of your business or organisation.

STEP 5. Complete the Personal Information template. Additional users can be added to an organisation to allow multiple people access to the one listing / account (this can be completed within the Account tab in the ATDW Dashboard).

STEP 6. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions.

STEP 7. Click Let’s Go to create your first listing.

STEP 8. Select Event as your Listing Type.

STEP 9. Complete all relevant fields for your listing and click the Send for Review button when completed. NB: Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk symbol in the vertical orange navigation panel.

STEP 10. Your listing will be reviewed within 1-2 business days before being published to and a range of ATDW distributor websites.


Eligible Event Listing Types


  • Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks
  • Community
  • Concert or Performance
  • Exhibitions and Shows
  • Festivals and Celebrations
  • Food and Wine
  • Markets
  • Sporting Events
  • Business Events *published to at editorial discretion.

How do I renew my listing in ATDW?



Renewing your ATDW listing will take between five and 15 minutes. Before you get started, you should have at the ready:

  • Your ATDW-Online username (email address) and password. If you don’t know your password, reset it here.

  • Any information you would like to update your listing with – images, description, indicative prices.

  • A Coupon Code, if you have obtained one through a membership / partnership with your Regional Tourism Organisation.



STEP 1. Go to

STEP 2. Enter your ATDW-Online username (email address) and password. If you don’t know your password, reset it here.

STEP 3. From your Listing Dashboard, click the red RENEW button next to the listing you would like to renew.

STEP 4. Review your listing ensuring that key information regarding your business is up to date, i.e. business description, photos, pricing, opening hours, etc. Click on Summary to get an overview of your listing. You will need to make at least one edit to your listing in order to be able to renew it.

STEP 5. Click on RENEW when you have finished updating your listing. Your updates auto-save as you go, so can return to your listing at a later stage if you need to.

STEP 6. If required, confirm your billing details and continue to the next page to choose your payment method.

STEP 7. Enter your coupon code (if obtained through a membership / partnership with your Regional Tourism Organisation) and select Apply Coupon. If you don’t have a coupon code, select Pay with Card or Pay with BPAY. Listing fees are outlined in the table below.

STEP 8. Your listing will be submitted for Quality Assurance (QA), where it will be reviewed and renewed within 1-2 business days.

Still have questions?



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