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The annual Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo will be held on Sunday 15 September in memory of Amy Gillett, who tragically lost her life in a training ride in Germany in 2005.

More than 5,000 bike riders and their families and friends will visit the region of the Great Ocean Road and Otway Ranges as part of the ninth annual event.

The event is a major fundraiser for the Foundation, with proceeds being put towards cycling safety research, advocacy and educational campaigns and programs.

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Changes to this year’s event

Mountjoy Parade will now be open all of Saturday with the inclusion of the foreshore car park. Surrounding streets of Mountjoy Parade will also be open with the exception of Bay St, which will be closed on 14 Saturday for ‘The Wall’ event taking place.

Road closures

Saturday 14th September 2019


Location / Closure

Approx. Times

Allenvale Rd, Lorne West of Allenvale Rd Cottages 9am – 3:00pm
Benwerrin – Mount Sabine Rd, Lorne Between Erskine Falls Rd and Cowley Track 9am – 3:00pm
Bay St, Lorne Between Mountjoy Pde & Charles St 2:30pm – 8:00pm


Sunday 15th September 2019


Location / Closure

Approx. Times

Mountjoy Parade, Lorne Between Otway St & Grove Road 5:30am – 10am
Mountjoy Parade, Lorne Between Grove Rd & Albert St 5:30am – 4:30pm
Mountjoy Parade, Lorne Between Deans Marsh Road and Otway St 8am – 8:45am*
*As riders depart Lorne, Local Traffic will be intermittently permitted between the round-about at Lorne Supermarket and Otway St (Opposite Information centre) to access township.
Deans Marsh-Lorne Road Between Birregurra – Deans Marsh Rd & Neade St Lorne 7am – 10:30am
Birregurra – Deans Marsh Road Between Bushes Rd & Deans Marsh – Lorne Rd 7:30am – 11am
Birregurra – Forrest Road Between Colac Forrest Road & Division Road 8:30am – 12pm
Forrest– Apollo Bay Road Between Beech Forest Road (Turtons Track) & Colac Forrest Road 9am – 1:30pm
Skenes Creek Road Between Great Ocean Road & Beech Forest Road (Turtons Track) 9am – 2pm
Great Ocean Road (both directions) Between Skenes Creek Road, Skenes Creek & Bay St, Lorne 9am – 3:30pm

Medio Fondo Start (Sunday 15th September 2019)

Great Ocean Road Between Hardy St, Apollo Bay & Skenes Creek Road, Skenes Creek 11am – 12pm

Local access

Skenes Creek and Forrest

Some residents of Skenes Creek and Forrest will be able to cross the course under the direction of Victoria Police or event operations staff for the duration of the closure at the following locations:

●       Properties accessed along or off Old Coach Road, Skenes Creek can access by approaching the Great Ocean Road from Apollo Bay prior to 9.00am and after 11.30am; and

●       Residents can cross over (but not turn into) Birregurra Forrest Road using Colac Forrest Road and Henry Street.

Beech Forrest

The section of Skenes Creek Road between the Great Ocean Road and Beech Forrest Road will be accessible to local traffic only prior to 8.30am.

Apollo Bay

Detour prior to 11am use Great Ocean Road and cross course at the course at Hardy St.

After 11am detour around Apollo Bay via use Pascoe St, Murray St, McLachlan St, Cawood St, Casino Ave detour via Hardy St around the Great Ocean Road closure from 11am – 12pm

Pennyroyal Valley Road Deans Marsh

Residents on Pennyroyal Valley Road can gain access via the Deans Marsh General Store when safe to do so and under the direction of traffic management.

Diversion route and key access points

SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER – How to get to the following locations
Lorne Use the Great Ocean Road to/from Anglesea
Apollo Bay / Skenes Creek Use the Great Ocean Road to/from Lavers Hill
Forrest Use the Colac – Forrest Road to/from Colac
Deans Marsh Use the Princes Highway via Winchelsea South

Key contacts

Event management – 1300 484 147

Traffic hotline – 0456 479 606

Traffic concerns – granfondo@amygillett.org.au