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 It’s time to be agile + flexible


As restrictions continue to ease and return.

The focus is now on reopening COVID-safe.

We now know from research that your customers’ 2 main priorities are now:

1. Their health
2. Your flexibility

They want to know your clear cancellation policies up front if circumstances should change, and they want to understand what new measures you’ve put in place to make sure they stay healthy and safe during their visit.

As restrictions begin to ease, we will endeavour to provide the latest information and guidelines. Know that our team are here to support your business through this and we will work together to survive, recover and thrive on the other side.

PLEASE NOTE: As information is changing day by day, we will continue to update these resources as new information arises so please check dates on articles to ensure you are as up to date as possible.

Small Business Roadmap for Recovery & Beyond: Workbook – Deloitte

No doubt many business owners have spent the last few weeks in Respond mode. Now is the time to turn your attention toward Recover, to ensure your business is ready to Thrive.

Insights & Research 

Slowly restarting tourism
A closer look at tourism expenditure by Adele Labine-Romain – Deloitte

Restarting tourism…a look at capital cities and regional destinations
An early outlook for cities and regional destinations by Adele Labine-Romain – Deloitte

Establishing the road to a global consumer recovery in the era of COVID-19
When will consumers feel safe enough to return to work, stores, theatres, restaurants and travel? – Deloitte


In order to support industry prepare for the easing of restrictions, the Australian Tourism Industry Council, in partnership with VTIC, have developed the free COVID Clean online training tool.

Based on the Safe Work Australia guidelines, the COVID Clean module covers the steps businesses should be taking to provide a hygienic environment for staff and visitors, including :

  • Training staff on the new health and safety procedures specific to your operation
  • Creating cleaning policies, procedures and checklists tailored to your business
  • Creating a COVID-19 Risk Register
  • Signage and workplace posters to promote best hygiene practices to customers

Completing the module will provide you with tailored daily, weekly and monthly checklists specific to your business, and a COVID-19 risk register. You will receive a COVID Clean Practicing Business logo, signifying a commitment to these new procedures and providing customers with a greater sense of confidence.



Online planning tool to help business develop a plan to keep their workers, customers and the community safe as they reopen or increase their activities in the the weeks and months ahead.

Live Industry Webinars

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Australian Tourism Export Council


Victorian Tourism Industry Council


 Victorian Chamber of Commerce

Tourism Australia



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